Why You Should Upgrade Your Office With These 5 Office Plants

By Connor Barry on July 13, 2022

Key Points:

  • Indoor plants are not just an interior design choice, especially in the workplace. Office plants have been proven beneficial to productivity, creativity, and more.
  • There are a variety of indoor plants to choose from that fit your lifestyle based on plant maintenance.

If you’re looking to design your office space or spruce it up, indoor plants can significantly impact you. Research shows that being in nature has proven to reduce stress, and one study found that offices with greenery improved productivity by 15%. So, instead of closing your eyes and imagining yourself in nature, bring it to your office with an indoor plant.

A biologist and author, Edward O. Wilson, wrote Biophilia to share humans’ natural need to connect to other living things, including nature. Now that we are less connected to nature in the current world’s office spaces, many offices are adding nature so employees can live a healthier work life.

Benefits of Indoor Plants

Plants are more than just a great interior design choice; they provide various benefits. Many studies have proven their benefits in the office space. Below are three benefits that plants can bring into your workspace.

Air Quality: NASA Clean Air Study found that indoor plants can remove volatile organic compounds from indoor air and replace them with plant tissue. Therefore, houseplants can promote a healthier clean air environment in your office. However, this study was conducted in an airtight facility, so while it may not dramatically create a difference in your air quality, it should make a slight difference.

Attention: Studies have also shown that viewing greenery instead of baren walls promotes attention restoration – therefore combatting fatigue!

Creativity: Since nature is proven to boost creativity, a research team at Texas A&M conducted a study that linked the presence of office plants and their impact on creativity. They found that plants spark creativity and innovation for generating ideas and problem-solving.

Types Of Office Plants

When picking out the perfect indoor plant for your workspace, keep in mind the maintenance of the plant. Different types of plants need varying amounts of light and water. Below are five plants we recommend for your office space.

Peace Lily: This plant is ideal for those that don’t have a lot of sunlight since it thrives in the shade. These types of plants are terrific low-maintenance plants!

Neon Pothos: If space is limited in your office area, try hanging a neon pothos. This hanging plant requires medium to low light, and the neon green will brighten your room.

Snake Plants: This plant thrives in low light and is a popular indoor plant. Make sure you have a large enough pot because the leaves can grow significantly!

Aloe: If you have a sunny workplace, then an aloe may be the perfect option because it also doesn’t need a lot of watering. Additionally, if you have any skin irritation, it may help you as it’s been used to treat skin conditions.

Bamboo: This plant is known for good fortune and wealth, so your office is the perfect place for this plant. However, this plant is excellent for those that can water regularly!

If you’re looking into other ways to spruce up your office, we recommend reading our article about how to use color to increase productivity in the workplace.

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