Top 10 Resume Templates

By Connor Barry on July 22, 2022

Key Points:

  • A resume template is a great asset to reduce your time updating or building your resume.
  • Creating a resume that illustrates your skillsets but is easily scannable for artificial intelligence, recruiters, and hiring managers can make you stand out – a resume template can do that. 

Creating a resume takes careful consideration because there are various elements you need to include, such as work history, impactful experience, technical skills, and soft skills. In addition, it’s essential to have an easy-to-read resume during the interview process that allows keywords to stand out while also being scannable to A.I., recruiters, and hiring managers. With all that said, one of the key ways to make the resume process easier is using a resume template that works best for your field.

Resume templates can often be helpful because they can guide you as you fill in your information and reduce the time it would take to start fresh. So, we’re sharing the top 10 resume templates we recommend to showcase your skillset that won’t make creating a resume a dreaded task on your to-do list.

Please keep in mind that your resume should be updated for the role you’re applying for to include keywords and how you would excel in the role. The templates below are great resume templates to start with, but we recommend considering your industry. For example, if you’re in a creative industry, you may want to design your resume differently.

Top 10 Recommended Resume Templates

1. The Resume Market on Etsy: ATS Friendly Resume Template, Google Docs, or Word Doc $9.95

2. ByRecruiters on Etsy: Resume for Experienced Professionals and Corporate Jobs ATS-friendly Resume Template, Word, Pages, Google Docs $9.95

3. ReduStudio on Etsy: Minimalist ATS Friendly Resume Template, Word + Google Docs $6.95

4. The Resume Market on Etsy:ATS Resume Template for Word – Lebenslauf Vorlage $9.99

5. DemeDesign on Etsy: ATS Friendly Resume Template for Microsoft Word $7.96

6.   Modern Resume Template on CareerReload Free

7.   Clear Resume Template on CareerReload Free

8.   Freelancer Resume Template on CareerReload Free

9.   Black and White Corporate Resume on Canva Free

10.   Black and Grey Modern CV Resume Free

We wish you the best in finding the perfect resume template for you. If you’re looking for job opportunities, our recruiters would love to help you. You can job search here. If you’re looking for more information on what should and shouldn’t be included in your resume, we recommend reading the Dos and Don’ts For Building an Effective Resume.

*Please note the costs associated with the templates were found on 6/1/22 and may have changed since then.

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