SPECTRAFORCE: Green Business Bureau Member Story

By Catie Strickland on July 14, 2020

Our member story was recently featured by the Green Business Bureau. You can read the original article written by Kent Shanklin on their site. We’re excited to share it here as well.

SPECTRAFORCE is an innovative and award-winning global staffing and consulting firm supporting over one hundred Fortune 1000 clients for contingent, direct hire, and Statement of Work services. Over the years, they have differentiated themselves by developing and implementing breakthrough talent sourcing technologies, using Robotics and Artificial Intelligence to attract best-in-class talent candidates across IT, scientific, clinical, engineering, and professional categories.

The company is passionate and driven by continually creating a culture of joy, fulfilment, and meaningful contribution to the world. They accomplish this mission through a happy medium of state-of-the-art technologies combined with empowered and driven people following and developing sound, proven processes. This framework allows SPECTRAFORCE to consistently deliver high quality services to their clients, candidates, and employees through the innovative concept of NEWJOBPHORIA®, the cure for the common job®.

“While our goal remains to change lives by bringing meaningful work opportunities for our candidates and creating an impact of NEWJOBPHORIA®, we also want to ensure that we make a lasting difference in the world that we all share together.”

– Amit Singh, Co-Founder, President, and CEO of SPECTRAFORCE

SPECTRAFORCE joined the Green Business Bureau to gain real-time insight into the GBB Sustainability Framework of greening and sustainability initiatives so that they, too, could develop an internal framework for achieving more with actionable outcomes, while being able to showcase their efforts to their employees, customers, partners, and the communities they serve.  Their Sustainability Committee ECOPHORIA® includes employees from all departments and backgrounds which empowers and enables open discussion to present their sustainability ideas, aspirations, successes, and achievements across various platforms, including trade shows, social media, and blogs.

Global sustainability is part of the culture at SPECTRAFORCE. People across the organization work together in leading environmental initiatives both in and outside of work. For example, they created a socially distanced celebration of Earth Day 2020 and consistently evaluate products used in their offices to prepare for sustainable and eco-friendly changes to come.

The company designates an annual week each year to work from home and are working on other initiatives such as eliminating single-use plastics in their break rooms, adopting snacks with eco-friendly packaging, switching current trash bags to be made from eco-friendly material, joining the compost community in Raleigh, North Carolina and other locations around the world through the use of CompostNow, and enhancing their current recycling program.

We are proudly certified by the Green Business Bureau.