Building Bond and Spreading Joy: A Year of Connections at SPECTRAFORCE 

By Laura Chavarria on December 21, 2023


SPECTRAFORCE's Employee Engagement team orchestrated 14 diverse virtual events this year, fostering connections and spreading 'NEWJOBPHORIA.' From trivia sessions to yoga and book clubs, these initiatives unite remote employees, aligning with the company's vibrant culture and emphasizing the importance of fostering connections in a digital work landscape. 

In a world where digital screens have become our window to the workplace, fostering connections and building a sense of camaraderie among employees is more critical than ever. At SPECTRAFORCE, the Employee Engagement (EE) team has been the catalyst behind a series of vibrant, engaging, and downright fun initiatives throughout the year. With a whopping 14 activities planned, their primary goal has been to bring people together in the virtual world we now inhabit. 

Creating Moments of Connection 

Each event orchestrated by the EE team was designed not just for entertainment but to serve as a platform for people to connect, whether through a half-hour of lighthearted fun or an opportunity to delve into new knowledge. The objective was simple: create spaces where colleagues could come together, let loose, and simply be themselves. 

These events have proven instrumental in breaking down the barriers of remote work. As our Corporate Recruiter, Dannielle Cunningham put it, “You may see a face you don’t always see, and it brings people together who are working remotely.” In a dispersed work environment, these occasions have been vital in fostering relationships that transcend physical distance. 

Impactful Insights and Engaging Experiences 

Among the myriad of events, the trivia sessions on different geographies stood out. Participants not only enjoyed themselves but also discovered fascinating aspects of countries where their fellow colleagues were located. This deepened their understanding and appreciation for diverse cultures within the company. 

SPECTRAFORCE‘s 14 engaging virtual events this year, spanning trivia, yoga, and more, brought global teams together. Exploring Puerto Rico’s festiveness and Costa Rica’s diversity, employees worldwide celebrated cultural richness. These initiatives, uniting local offices across countries, reflect the company’s commitment to fostering global connections and spreading NEWJOBPHORIA within its diverse workforce. 

Recommendations for Creating Vibrant Engagements 

The secret ingredient behind these successful engagement efforts? Listening! The team initially crafted events they thought would be fun but then pivoted by conducting surveys to understand what truly resonated with employees. This invaluable feedback shaped their future events, ensuring they were tailored to employee preferences. 

As the company continues to evolve, so do its engagement efforts. The quarterly calls with leaders and regular surveys ensure that these initiatives remain finely tuned to the changing needs and desires of the workforce. 

“Our purpose is to help continue to spread NEWJOBPHORIA,” expresses our Corporate Recruiter, Dannielle Cunningham. “We truly feel that our various events and engaging emails are instrumental in achieving this goal.” 

SPECTRAFORCE‘s Employee Engagement team is not just organizing events; they’re nurturing connections, building bridges, and fostering a vibrant community within the company. After all, in a digital age, the power of genuine connections cannot be overstated. 

How Can I Start This at My Company? 

Creating a vibrant employee engagement culture doesn’t require a huge start. Begin small, perhaps with a casual virtual coffee date or a themed day. Prioritize employee comfort and preferences—listen to what they enjoy and tailor activities accordingly. Conduct surveys or hold discussions to understand what resonates best with your team. 

Remember, it’s about fostering genuine connections and making colleagues feel valued! As you gain insights into what works, gradually expand and diversify your engagement initiatives. Encourage feedback and adapt your plans based on employee suggestions. By prioritizing inclusivity and regular communication, you’ll create the way for a more connected and engaged workplace. 

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