10 Benefits That Will Make You Become An Independent Contractor

By Connor Barry on August 27, 2021

Key Points:

  • If you’re looking to escape the typical 9-5, then contract work may be the perfect fit for you.
  • Contract work has various benefits, including specializing in one area of expertise, expanding your network, and potential to make more money.
  • By contracting with a company for an extended period, you can determine your compatibility and whether you want to move forward full-time with the company.

Have you ever wanted to escape your cubicle? Maybe you’re looking never to wear slacks again and swap them out for your favorite pajama bottoms. If running your own business gives you excitement, then contract work may be for you. Contract work refers to a job needed for a set time that can last from one week to a year. Check out these benefits we’ve identified below to figure out whether contract work is right for you.

10 Benefits To Contract Work:

  1. Demonstrate your specialty. If you feel like you have strengths in a particular area that can also provide value to a job market, it’s time to offer it as a service.
  1. Increase the variety of brand work. You can broaden your horizon to various clients when you are working as a contractor since you won’t be working for one client for an extended period for too long.
  1. Increase qualifications. By working with more clients, you are increasing your portfolio and overall capabilities.
  1. Expand networking for future opportunities. If you’re working with various clients, you are increasing your network. So, if the company that you’re working for no longer has any opportunities for you, they may recommend you to another contract role at another company.
  1. Potential for higher earnings. Since you are a specialist in your field of work, companies are willing to pay more, and they know they won’t have to pay for benefits or other costs associated with hiring you. A contractor can be paid hourly, by project, or by retainer. The fees are negotiated with the client and finalized with a statement of work.
  1. Lifestyle flexibility. As long as you are getting your projects completed, you get to choose your schedule. So, if you’re more productive in the mornings or vice versa, you can arrange your schedule as so.
  1. Remote work. As long as you have wifi and are genuinely working, you can work from anywhere. So, if working by the beach sounds relaxing for a week, you can go for it!
  1. No boredom. Since you’re always working on different projects, you’ll never be stuck into a routine that will cause boredom. You’re able to choose the projects that you work on, and therefore, you’re never stuck with a task that you would never want in the first place.
  1. Jack of all trades (for a little while). Since you’re running your own business, many tasks are to be completed to keep your business going. For instance, you will have to be your accountant, legal team, curator, editor, etc., until you can afford to pay someone specializing in those areas.
  1. Determine compatibility with the company. Contract work is also a great way to determine whether a company may be a good fit for becoming a full-time employee. During the interview process, you don’t get to see what the day-in-life would be in your role, but through contract work, you can.
benefits to contract work

If all of these benefits have convinced you to move towards contract work, we are happy to help with your next steps. To find more contract work, contact us at  candidatecare@spectraforce.com or visit our Career page to find the perfect fit for you.


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