By Connor Barry on December 22, 2021

Key Points:

  • The holidays are the perfect time to reflect on whether you need a career change rather than in the new year. 
  • You can get a head start on job searchers by starting during the holidays.
  • When searching for a job during the holidays, there are many advantages like more time with your recruiter and clear mindset.

Many individuals realize their job no longer brings them happiness in the new year and decide to change careers. What if you realized this before the new year? This article shares why the holidays are the best time to begin your job search. 

Since many variables come with searching for a job during the holiday season, we interviewed an expert in the field – Kirsten Bumgarner, the Recruiting U.S. Manager at SPECTRAFORCE. Kirsten shares her insight on why searching for a job during the holidays is the best time to search for a new job and how to best prepare. 

During the holidays, many come in touch with what matters most to them because they have the time to reflect. Unfortunately, many realize their job doesn’t align with their lifestyle anymore when this time comes. Can this be used to their advantage?

Kirsten: It’s a time of re-evaluation. As you think through everything you’ve accomplished over the past year, most aren’t thinking about their job unless it’s an area where you’ve progressed, such as a promotion or new job, but you should be. Nonetheless, your career should be reviewed to see how it’s impacting your happiness. Get a head start instead of waiting into the new year when many others begin their job search! Also, companies often have a fiscal budget they need to spend by the end of the year, so why not use that to your advantage?

Is now a good time to be searching for a job? 

Kirsten: Yes, especially if you’re working with a staffing agency. Now is a great time. Many recruiters have more time on their hands right now because hiring managers are on vacation and want to start the new year with new hires. 

What should someone prepare if they are ready to start their job search right now?

Kirsten: If you are ready to start your job search, it’s essential to update your LinkedIn and resume before reaching out to a recruiter or as soon as you start the process. Some companies move very fast, so candidates should be ready for that movement. It’s both preparation and respecting everyone’s time. 

Are there any unique advantages or challenges to looking right now?

Kirsten: I would keep an open mind that a big challenge is that many people are on vacation during this time of year, so it could take longer to get through the interview process. For advantages, evaluating your happiness helps people go into the hiring process with a clearer mind. Depending on what industry you are entering, some companies are slower, so it’s the perfect time to capitalize on that and get to know your new coworkers and boss. 

Is it ok to search for a job right now, even if you have a vacation scheduled soon?

Kirsten: Many companies understand that most employees want to use their vacation during the holidays towards the end of the year. If a company wants you, they know they take your prior plans. They are there for you in the long run and not just for the next few weeks. It’s crucial to communicate your vacations with your recruiter.

There tends to be a rumor that jobs being filled at the end of the year may be undesirable. Is this true or a myth?

Kirsten: It’s a myth! Positions will release when they release, and not every company has the same fiscal year. Instead, candidates should apply to jobs that align with their goals and a company they’d genuinely love to work for. 

Is there anything a candidate should keep in mind when searching for a job during the holidays? 

Kirsten: Keep in mind that it’s not a reason to be concerned if a role has been on the market for many months. If you look on the other side, you can see the manager is being meticulous. They are not hiring the first person who applies and understands how critical this role is. Another thing candidates should keep in mind is the timeline for taking a new position. The interview timeline is roughly a month but sometimes can be as short as 1.5 weeks. Don’t forget to put two weeks into your schedule for a notice to your current employer!

If you’ve realized now is the right time to make a career change, follow the above steps and reach out to a SPECTRAFORCE recruiter for assistance here. Happy Holidays, from SPECTRAFORCE!

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