What does NEWJOBPHORIA® mean?

By Regina Grossenbacher on May 4, 2023


What is NEWJOBPHORIA®? We believe that if you're at the right job, it shouldn't feel like you're at work. Instead, your job should feel like an extension of yourself and gives you that first-day feeling. That's NEWJOBPHORIA®!

At SPECTRAFORCE, we aim to help you find NEWJOBPHORIA®. If you haven’t heard of NEWJOBPHORIA®, let us explain. We believe that if you’re at the right job, it shouldn’t feel like you’re at work. Instead, your job should feel like an extension of yourself and gives you that first-day feeling. Our SPECTRAFORCE team specializes in helping companies and candidates find their perfect match. Throughout every level of our organization, our people are passionate about finding the right fit for a role. Below are eight SPECTRAFORCE employees that have found NEWJOBPHORIA® and are looking to share that feeling.

Check out what NEWJOBPHORIA® means to our employees

• NEWJOBPHORIA® means human connection every day and that feeling of excitement that the first day at any new job brings; only every day!!! SPECTRAFORCE has given me the necessary tools to, quite honestly, step into a more empowered and ever-growing version of myself! We have the ability to connect with individuals across the nation daily, as a remote worker, I really felt I would lack human connection- NEWJOBPHORIA® is feeling connected to myself, my team, our clients, and our employees: But logging on and feeling that first day of work excitement almost a year in still, is not what I ever expected. – Jessica Nunez, Client Services Associate

• NEWJOBPHORIA®, to me, means flexibility – Working from home is a great opportunity to be able to still have time for my family when needed. I love being able to be home with my dogs while also being the most productive in my own space! – Kendall Womack, Client Services Associate

• NEWJOBPHORIA® is a feeling that you do not realize it exists until you work at Spectraforce. I feel the NEWJOBPHORIA® because I feel valued, I am not afraid to make a mistake because my colleagues and company are always supporting me. I can share my opinions and I am always heard Most importantly I do feel this company really cares about us and if you are facing any situation, you certainly will receive support. Additionally, you always find motivated people who make a familiar environment to work in. – Samanta Lezama, Talent Acquisition Specialist

• To me, NEWJOBPHORIA® is the fact that working at SPECTRAFORCE is simply unique and fulfilling. You feel valued, appreciated, and your opinions are always heard. It’s a constant feeling that the company cares about your well-being and that you’re important to the organization. To me, that’s basically NEWJOBPHORIA®. – Daniel Padilla, Jr. Human Resources Generalist

• When you start a new job, you’re caught up in the joy generated by curiosity, hope for the future, and excitement to learn everything you can. NEWJOBPHORIA® is when that joyous, enlivened feeling continues for weeks, months, and even years beyond your first day on the job. When you’re in the right job at the right place, you develop both a sense of contentment and an enthusiastic drive to grow. – Molly Masters, Sr. Communications Specialist

• For me, NEWJOBPHORIA® means to work freely on what you love. I love to do creative things and SPECTRAFORCE provides me perfect space and freedom to express what I like the most. It fascinates me to explore new ideas of marketing on digital platforms. – Prabhakar Singh, Sr. Executive – Hybrid Graphic Designing and Animation

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