Top 5 Ways To Promote Creativity In The Workplace

By Connor Barry on April 1, 2022

Key Points:

  • Creativity in the workplace is a skill set that most employers will search for in 2022.
  • To have full participation in creative assignments, there must be an accepting and trusting environment.
  • Creativity should be encouraged using various steps like hiring diverse employees, supporting testing and failures, and encouraging individuality.

Creativity is defined in various ways, and in the past, it was a word used solely for alternative careers. Now, most companies have realized that creativity is a must-have, and they request their employees to explore their creative side, like problem-solving. Creativity is crucial to companies as it increases teamwork and productivity and even retains employees.

Creating an environment that promotes creativity comes down to curating a trusting and accepting space. Creating this space may seem simple enough, but a few steps should be considered to ensure all participants feel the accepting environment. Below are some of the steps you can start today to promote creativity in the workplace.

Set up The Perfect Environment:

Bring an ample amount of tools necessary for your team to succeed. Some tools can include writing utensils, notepads, and a clean whiteboard. If you’re planning a brainstorming session, it may be best to request ideas to be created before the meeting so all types of personalities can work through their thoughts. You may find that some people are more inspired in different areas, for instance, a coffee shop. So giving the flexibility for coworkers to brainstorm a little beforehand might lead to a more productive meeting.

Create An Accepting Environment:

Setting objectives will guide creative meetings with your team, but allowing the conversation to flow is critical during a brainstorming session. Remain open-minded to all questions and answers to create an accepting environment. For example, inform all participants that all ideas should end with someone saying, “yes, and?” This way, the meetings are based on improv, and everyone can build on top of the concepts provided.

Encourage Individuality:

The company hired every employee based on their strengths and skillsets. You can encourage the unique viewpoint and ideas that everyone brings to the table by sharing why you appreciate their views and how it impacts the session. If someone has expertise and passion for a specific brand or product, it may be beneficial to bring that person into the room during a meeting for their ideas.

Support Testing and Failing: 

You will never know which idea will be the best option until testing. So, try a few concepts that different team members brought up. People are more willing to be creative when they see their ideas come to life. Be sure to give credit to the person that provided the winning idea, as that recognition can lead to more participation. If an idea doesn’t seem like a good fit for the task, write it down to potentially use it for other brainstorming sessions.

Hire Diverse Individuals:

Everyone has a different background and point of view, so hiring various individuals gives the company more perspective and creativity and provides more opportunities. This is very beneficial when brainstorming ideas for your clients and how to move forward, as everyone can think outside of the box.

Promoting creativity means responding less with “what if” and more “yes and.” Creating this space is possible with positivity and creative leadership. Using the above steps will bring you closer to more creativity in your workspace.

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