The Best Jobs For The Next Decade

By Connor Barry on January 12, 2022

Key Points:

  • Due to the pandemic, employment needs have shifted, and job security is a top consideration for many candidates.
  • After an interview with the Recruiting U.S. Manager at SPECTRAFORCE and reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we’ve identified some of the fastest-growing industries with examples of roles within that field.

During today’s climate, people assess whether their career provides job security or if they need to switch to an industry that will provide job security. As a result, an overall sense of job security and happiness has become a priority in the workforce, understandably.

With that in mind, we are sharing trends, booming industries, and highly projected roles in this next decade to assist you in choosing what field you’d like to venture into. To gain insight into what industries and positions are trending in the recruitment space, we asked Kirsten Bumgarner, the Recruiting U.S. Manager at SPECTRAFORCE, to answer a couple of questions.

Do you see any trends in the employment space as of right now?

Kirsten: Candidates are pushing back on employers on what they feel most comfortable during and after the pandemic. Before the pandemic, the employer drove those decisions, but now candidates have more control. So many employers are opening up to hybrid or remote positions to keep their great employees.

Are you noticing any trends with roles that are hiring more often?

Kirsten: Anything in the tech industry! Many U.I., UX, web designers, and cybersecurity roles are booming because many businesses migrate digitally to create a great user experience. Outside of the more technical positions, account management, customer support, and logistics are a few other booming areas. These areas are involved in the digital businesses and the overall experience for customers.

Understanding the candidates’ power in the employment space has allowed many individuals to explore consulting and independent contracting. In addition, since many companies have joined the digital migration, employers have found that remote jobs are possible. If remote work interests you, communicate this with recruiters or your hiring manager to see if this is a possibility.

With that said, don’t fret if the tech space isn’t for you! According to various studies, such as reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, other industries than the tech industry are doing quite well. The Bureau of Labor Statistics releases reports which show annual employment projections as reported here. So, below we are breaking down some of the fastest-growing industries with examples of roles within that field. Please keep in mind that there are other roles in these industries, and the positions provided are examples.

Fastest Growing Industries:

Health Care

o Medical and Health Services Managers

o Mental Health Counselors

o Home Health Aides

o Speech-Language Pathologists


o Information Security Analysts

o Computer User Support Specialists

o Computer Systems Analysts

o Web Administrators

o Blockchain Engineers

Renewable Energy

o Wind Turbine Service Technicians

o Solar Photovoltaic Installers

Data Science

o Data Analyst

o Operations Research Analysts

o Statisticians

o Management Analyst

Business Operations

o Market Research Specialists

o Marketing managers

o Logisticians

o Human resources specialists

o Accountants

o Auditors

If these positions are of interest to you, be sure to check out our job search page here, so one of our recruiters can assist you! Additionally, if you’re looking for more advice on your upcoming job search, be sure to check out our latest articles, Why The Holidays Are The Best Time To Job Search and Virtual Networking – Top 5 Tips From Staffing Professionals.


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