SPECTRAFORCE Costa Rica: Continuing to Diversify and Grow in 2023 

By Laura Chavarria on August 29, 2023

The recruitment industry in Costa Rica was ripe for diversification, and we identified the potential the country offered. It was a desire for growth and the pursuit of extraordinary human capital serving as the driving force behind SPECTRAFORCE’s decision to launch our Costa Rica office. Just over a year ago, we began with three remarkable clients: Razorvision, VMware, and Western Union. 

Our recruitment endeavors gained momentum with the valuable addition of Tracy Sanchez as the Client Services Manager. As the demand for our services grew, so did our team. We opened positions in sales, human resources, and communications departments, fostering a diverse and skilled workforce.  

The most representative characteristic of SPECTRAFORCE Costa Rica is our dedication to going beyond the norm. We prioritize understanding and fulfilling the comprehensive needs of our contingent employees. Through constant and transparent communication, we ensure they feel valued, supported, and an indispensable part of our SPECTRAFORCE family.  

Positioning a company within a new country is not easy, and these have been the first steps to achieving it.  

The main message has been “Who are we, and what can we offer you” 

To answer this, and driven by our innovative thinking, we organized a highly successful Human Resources event. By inviting various companies, we facilitated valuable knowledge sharing and networking opportunities. The event, organized by CINDE, BDS, and Shift506, surpassed our expectations, with around 140 attendees experiencing the essence of SPECTRAFORCE and the power of shared knowledge. In addition, the company has participated in the country’s main job fairs. Our eye-catching booth, complete with pet-friendly cookies, showcases our unique approach to caring for our people and their furry companions, with our out-of-the-box-thinking.  

“At SPECTRAFORCE, we cherish not only our amazing team members but also their well-being and even their furry companions! We know how much our pets mean to us—they brighten our days, offer unconditional love, and make work-from-home a little more entertaining. That’s why, during the job fair, we made sure to include them too, because they’re truly a part of our extended work family”, said Tracy Sánchez.  

Bright future ahead with clear goals 

The great success of the first event left us with such valuable learnings that a second event is coming soon, with all the knowledge and many more to share value and embrace #NEWJOBPHORIA. Look forward to it! 

In addition, the continued growth of the industry leads us to explore new areas, such as tourism. Their successful results gave us the opportunity to grow the customer base, giving them the extra mile: education, training, and great client service.  

For the years to come, SPECTRAFORCE Costa Rica has ambitious projects and dreams, as a team and company  

As we move forward into 2023, our goals are ambitious. We aim to solidify our position as a reliable ally and consultant in the employability industry in Costa Rica.  Empowering the female workforce, both within our organization and across the industry, remains a core objective. Additionally, we aspire to forge alliances that offer our recruitment team opportunities to provide workshops, fostering continual learning and development. 

Want to know more about the operations in Costa Rica?  

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