More Than a Month – Continuous Commitment to Gender Equity

By Laura Chavarria on April 17, 2024


During International Women's Month, SPECTRAFORCE dedicated itself to promoting equity and inclusion through various initiatives. From internal reflections on the history and meaning of the month to amplifying female voices through social media campaigns, the company sought to create a safe and thoughtful environment for its employees. Additionally, they highlighted inspirational women within the organization through the "More than a Title" campaign. These efforts reflect SPECTRAFORCE's ongoing commitment to gender equality and its desire to create a workplace where all voices are valued.

At SPECTRAFORCE, we recognize that commitment to equity and inclusion isn’t just a March issue; it’s a principle rooted in our core values, one that seeks to provide equitable opportunities for all. During this past month, we dedicated ourselves to providing our employees with a safe space to reflect on International Women’s Month, its history, its meanings, and the figures that inspire us, both past and present. 

This initiative enables us to spotlight and honor influential women across all our global offices, fostering a sense of solidarity within our community and deepening our understanding of the effects of our actions–internally and externally. 

The Importance of These Spaces 

It’s this understanding that motivates us to share the necessary information, strategies, and best practices to empower our community and industry peers. We advocate for other organizations and entrepreneurs to cultivate inclusive and enriching environments for their workforce. 

According to data from the Center for Women and Business at Bentley University’s Business School, in 2020, women held approximately 21% of leadership positions in the Fortune 500 companies. This includes CEO roles, presidents, and board members, showing a significant disparity with the male gender. There is still much work to be done and a long way to go. 

We understand that the corporate world still has areas for improvement, and we firmly believe in the collective ability to generate positive changes, offering job opportunities that cater to everyone’s needs. 

Our internal efforts merge with all external communication we seek to display. During the month, our social media channels were painted purple, focusing our content on highlighting inspirational historical women, sharing LinkedIn articles and blogs that promote mutual growth, and, as we have always done, giving voice to all those incredible employees who are part of SPECTRAFORCE. 

Here’s what we did to commemorate International Women’s Month: 

  • Use of All Communication Channels: We understood the importance of conveying information diversely and utilized all available channels to do so. 
  • Internal Campaigns: We created a strategy focused on key aspects of the month, addressing topics such as the history of the movement, highlighting real women, and providing practical tools for promoting gender equality. 
  • Reaching Our Global Workforce: With offices in five different countries, we strive to create inclusive spaces where all our employees could participate and contribute. 

Recently, we shared valuable perspectives through a conversation with Patricia Arboleda, executive and Leadership Coach, which inspired us to highlight the incredible women who are part of SPECTRAFORCE. Thus, was born “More than a Title,” a campaign that showcases the diverse passions and achievements of women in our workforce. 

Beyond their job roles, women at SPECTRAFORCE lead highly multifaceted lives, where their personal and professional interests intertwine to shape their identity inside and outside the office. During the month of March, we featured two women from SPECTRAFORCE every Friday, sharing their profiles here and via email. 

We met Masrath Mehreen, more than a Senior Manager at Legal, who shared her passion for sports and how exciting she finds immersing herself in this experience; or Samantha Ledezma, more than a Talent Acquisition Specialist, who allowed us to travel through her multiple adventures, letting us enjoy her love for adventure, to mention a few. 

What We Have Achieved 

For over two decades, at SPECTRAFORCE, we have understood that gender equity is a non-negotiable principle, and we have set standards of engagement with our employees that are reflected in all our offices globally. Our commitment to equality is exemplified by the fact that 40% of leadership roles in our company are held by women, surpassing the industry average. 

Thanks to our efforts in this regard, we have been awarded several accolades, including: 

These recognitions are a testament to our ongoing commitment to creating an inclusive and equitable workplace where everyone has the opportunity to grow and thrive, regardless of their gender. At SPECTRAFORCE, we take pride in being leaders in promoting gender equality and will continue to tirelessly work to maintain and improve our standards of excellence in this regard. 

We celebrate diversity and female empowerment, recognizing the unique value each woman brings to our organization and the world at large. We will continue working together to create an environment where all voices are heard, and all individuals can develop and prosper.