Make A Good Impression After A Job Interview In 8-Steps

By Connor Barry on May 26, 2021

Key Points:

  • Reflect on your performance
  • Interpret the role and company
  • Send a personal thank you note
  • Grow network

You finished a job interview, and you’re feeling confident it was successful. Now what? The time after your interview is as vital as your impression of the interview. 

While a thank you note will not gain you the role alone, you will stand out for not sending one. By sending a thank you note, you’re remaining top of mind to the interviewer and showing respect towards their time. The thank-you note is also time to reiterate your interest in the position and how you can further explain why you’re the best fit for the role. Below are eight steps to follow after an interview to make a great impression.

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8 Steps to Follow After an Interview:

1. Understand Next Steps 

Before leaving the interview, be sure to understand how you should follow up post-interview and what the next steps are. Who is your point of contact? Sometimes, if you are using a recruiter, the client requests thank you notes via the recruiter. Is there a timeline for the final decision? Understanding the urgency of filling the vacant role with help you navigate when to follow up.

2. Review Your Performance 

Take some time to decompress after the interview and then review your interview performance. The interviewer asked you a question that was a curveball. Think back on your interviewer’s reactions to your answers. Was there any answer that could have been stronger than you can clarify in your follow-up email? 

3. Analyze the Company and Role 

While it’s important to reflect on your performance during the interview, you should also consider whether the company is a good fit for you. The interview process is as much for the candidate as it is for the company. Do you see yourself in the company long-term? The company should align with your career goals.

4. Send a Thank You Note Regardless 

Whether you feel like the company is a good fit or not, send a thank you email to show respect for the interviewer’s time. If you’re interested in moving forward with the company, try to recap a part of the interview in the email that will make your email stand out. For instance, if the interviewer stated essential characteristics for the role, highlight those you align with and emphasize your strengths. 

5. Personalize the Thank You Note 

Send a thank you note to each individual that interviewed with you. If various people interviewed you within the company, be sure to personalize the thank-you emails. Some companies will share the thank you notes amongst the team, and you don’t want it to look like you copied and pasted the thank you note. 

6. Add for Extra Brownie Points 

If you can find an article based on the industry that’s relative to the interview, include the link in the email. This will show your eagerness and resourcefulness.

7. Attach Supporting Documents 

Did the company ask for any supporting documents? Be sure to add this information in the thank you note. Supporting documents could include a portfolio or sample of work.

8. Grow Your Connections 

 After sending the thank you notes, grow your network by connecting with the interviewers on LinkedIn. If you used a recruiter through the process, check with them to see if this is allowed. If so, personalize the message when connecting to share that you enjoyed the interview and would like to connect. Even if the role doesn’t work out, you’re connecting with others in your industry that could lead to future opportunities. For more details on how to improve your LinkedIn profile, check out this article

The interviewing process can be overwhelming but using these eight steps can help you stand out compared to other potential candidates. For more details on how to handle the job search process, read more here

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