Advice On How To Work Best With Recruiters

By Connor Barry on February 22, 2022

Key Points:

· Recruiters are professional matchmakers finding the perfect fit for job seekers and companies.

· Candidates can have productive conversations with recruiters to find the right fit using the below tips.

·SPECTRAFORCE recruiters, Derian and Erica, share what mistakes job seekers make and how they can correct them.

Whether you’re looking for a position within your industry or making the transition into another industry, recruiters can help you put your best foot forward and get more eyes on your resume. However, when adding a recruiter to your job search, you may have questions about the process or the best approach. So, we spoke with two recruiters at SPECTRAFORCE, Derian Boch and Erica Saubert, to talk about what candidates can do during the interview process and how they can develop a productive relationship with a recruiter.

What is the best way for a candidate to be seen by a recruiter?

Erica: 99% of preferred contact is from LinkedIn because recruiters are already reviewing each candidate’s LinkedIn profile, so it’s a great time to review their account.

Derian: Candidates reach out regularly on LinkedIn, and it’s the most accessible form of contact.

What are some of the most crucial mistakes candidates make on their resumes?

Erica: One of the most significant mistakes candidates make is not aligning their resume and LinkedIn. The hiring manager sees both the resume and LinkedIn account, so all dates and former jobs need to align.

Derian: Many candidates will list too many bullet points under each job on their resume. Instead, they should only include necessary ones. Then, in the bullet points, add keywords specific to the job they are applying for to tailor it.

How should a candidate format their resume?

Erica: It’s completely acceptable to have more than a one-page resume, but it shouldn’t exceed three pages. A standard traditional-style summary is the best way to submit your resume, but you can include links to any creatives you would like to share – such as portfolios, GitHub, or writing samples.

Derian: Recruiters want a summary at the top of a candidate’s resume and LinkedIn account to draw the hiring manager’s attention and allow the recruiter to effortlessly pitch the candidate’s experience.

How can a candidate stand out to a recruiter during the application process?

Erica: Having a brief project description under their previous jobs with their primary responsibility help both the recruiter and hiring managers understand the applicant’s work experience.

Derian: If the candidate benefited a former employer with a project, add this information under the job in their resume. That information illustrates to the hiring manager that the person helped the business succeed.

If a candidate wants a new job but isn’t entirely sure how to move forward, what needs to be communicated with a recruiter?

Erica: SPECTRAFORCE recruiters ask essential questions to understand the candidate better and place them in the proper role. For instance, we want to understand what the candidate is looking for, their strengths, what they don’t want to carry into their future job, and what they want in their future career.

Derian: On top of asking what the candidate is looking for, I like to understand their top three career goals.

What can a candidate do to show they are very interested in a position?

Erica: If a candidate discusses long-term questions and the timeline associated with the role, it shows that they are engaged in the process.

Derian: Having a candidate ask about the location in this current climate and potential contract extension shows they care about the security and longevity of the job.

When is the appropriate time to ask questions about salary and benefits?

Erica: At SPECTRAFORCE, we ask the candidates to discuss salary and benefits only with the recruiter and not the hiring manager or interviewers. Those conversations with the recruiter because benefits and pay are managed and distributed by SPECTRAFORCE.

Derian: We communicate the salary to the potential candidate at the beginning of the process. It is essential to share whether you are interviewing for other positions with the recruiter to find out if the pay has the flexibility to increase.

When should a candidate reach out to the recruiter if they haven’t heard back about the position?

Erica: Typically, a recruiter will need at least 3-5 days to hear back from a hiring manager on whether the employer would like to extend an offer or not. So, if you haven’t heard from the recruiter, it’s completely acceptable to reach out to the recruiter you’re working with to see if there’s any feedback after 72 hours from the interview.

Derian: The hiring process is entirely dependent on the hiring managers. Some companies will need only one day to decide, while others can take months. We will always debrief to discuss the interview process.

Overall, recruiters want the best for both the job searcher and the company, and ultimately, they are professional matchmakers. If you’re interested in having a SPECTRAFORCE recruiter help you find your next career move, reach out to Erica or Derian on the LinkedIn profiles.

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