Breaking Staffing Industry Myths At SPECTRAFORCE

By Connor Barry on August 10, 2022

Since SPECTRAFORCE started in 2004, our recruiting team has heard plenty of myths and stereotypes about the staffing industry, and we want to help clear them up. So, we spoke with our U.S. Recruiting Manager, Kirsten Bumgarner, to clear up any confusion.

Please note that the answers to the below eight statements in this article are specific to SPECTRAFORCE.

True or False?

  1. The candidates you get from staffing agencies are job hoppers.
    1. False. This was a stereotype of all staffing agencies in the 80s and early 90s because staffing agencies were typically used for temp jobs. However, staffing agencies now fill various roles, including temp, contract-to-hire, full-time, and independent contractors.
  2. A candidate’s salary is affected by a staffing agency’s fee.
    1. False. At SPECTRAFORCE, our candidates do not need to pay for our services. The companies that employ us pay us separately from the candidate’s salary.
  3. Experienced candidates don’t use staffing agencies.
    1. False. Roughly 60% of the candidates placed by SPECTRAFORCE are experienced and in leadership roles.
  4. All staffing agencies are the same.
    1. False. Often, you’ll find that staffing agencies have specialties. In fact, SPECTRAFORCE has a variety of industries we work with, and we have recruiters that specialize in specific sectors so that we fully understand the position and can find the perfect fit.
  5. Staffing agencies only hire for contract positions.
    1. False. We look for candidates to fill temp, contract-to-hire, full-time, and independent contractor roles.
  6. A staffing agency recruiter’s primary goal is to fill as many roles as possible.
    1. Trick question. At SPECTRAFORCE, this is both true and false. Of course, we want to fill as many roles as we can. However, it’s more important that we find the right person since it would cause more time and effort on our side to re-fill a role. Our goal is to help our candidates find a position where it feels like an extension of themselves and both the candidate and employer are happy.
  7. Getting a job as a contractor through a staffing agency means you won’t be able to convert to full-time if the opportunity presents itself.
    1. False. At SPECTRAFORCE, we love to hear that our clients and candidates are the perfect fit. Often, clients will want to hire a candidate through a contract-to-hire role, and if the fit is right, the candidate has the opportunity to join the company full-time.
  8. Using a staffing agency is time-consuming.
    1. False. Companies often spend less time filling a role with a staffing agency because the company employees can spend their time elsewhere while a dedicated recruiter fills the positions you need.

Whether you’re in engineering, finance, IT, research, or one of the dozens more — we specialize in helping companies and candidates find their perfect match. So, it’s time to go back to where every day at work is like your first day – NEWJOBPHORIA®. If you’re a candidate looking for a new role, reach out to us at or look at our current open positions here. If you’re a company looking to partner with us and find the perfect candidate for you, reach out to


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