A woman with braided hair, wearing a black blazer, sits at a desk writing in a notebook. Next to her is an open laptop, a plant, a cactus, and a microphone. She appears focused on her tasks within the well-lit room, balancing her responsibilities adeptly in her hybrid work schedule.

How To Plan The Perfect Hybrid Work Schedule In 4-Steps

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Many people worked from home during the pandemic and now many are transitioning back to the office. To make the transition easier, companies are now using a hybrid work schedule. A hybrid work schedule includes working both from the office and at home during the workweek. The hybrid work schedule has agreed-upon days from the company with their employees to ensure productivity.

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Three people are sitting at a table in a well-lit office. One person on the left, wearing a maroon shirt, is looking at the others. The person in the middle is working on a laptop, while the person on the right, in a patterned blouse, is holding papers and smiling — discussing small business sustainability.

How To Improve Your Body Language During An Interview

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Your handshake, posture, and eye contact are just as important, and arguably more important, during the job interview. Of course, nonverbal communication is vital in any conversation. Nonverbal communication typically includes tone of voice, appearance, and body language, but we’ll focus on the body language portion of nonverbal communication in this article.

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A white calendar block displays the date "June 19" against a wooden background, subtly highlighting Juneteenth. The blocks show the word "June" and the numbers "1" and "9". The image has a rustic, minimalistic aesthetic.

Juneteenth: Balance of Environment, Economy, Society

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At SPECTRAFORCE, the Sustainability Committee, ECOPHORIA™, seeks not only to educate others on environmental issues, but also to encourage them to live more sustainably. Sustainability is a balance between the environment, the economy, and society. On Juneteenth day we recognize our history and past, together, acknowledging the human rights of all people, and respect for diversity, equity, and inclusion, without discrimination based on “race, color, sex, language, religion, national or social origin, economic position, birth, among others.”

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A row of books is lined up against a vibrant yellow-orange background, with spines and pages facing different directions. The text on the image reads, "May Book Club Learnings - Man's Search for Meaning: Exploring Leader Characteristics.

May Book Club Learnings – Man’s Search For Meaning

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One of the initiatives our DE&I committee undertakes is – Discuss & Discover Group. The Discuss & Discover Group encourages employees to keep their minds healthy and spend free time in fruitful ways like discovering and learning about diversity, equity, and inclusion. This allows us to understand a new perspective and discuss findings. For May, the group chose “Man’s Search for Meaning” written by Viktor E. Frankl. This profound read led us through an amazing story of survival and revealed how powerful our minds are. This book has left a lasting impression. We invite you to read our learnings from May’s book club.

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