AI Involvement In The Recruitment Process: How It Affects You

By Connor Barry on March 22, 2022

Key Points:

  • Artificial intelligence tools are being used to find quality candidates that employers can retain during the recruitment process.
  • AI is making a positive impact in the workforce by creating more opportunities for diversity.
  • Tools, such as Arya, help recruiters efficiently in their workday and create the need for candidates to update their resumes.

Artificial intelligence has made its way through various industries for the better, and it has specifically made a significant impact on the recruitment industry. AI tools can sift through millions of data to find quality insights for recruiters and hiring managers and ultimately make it easier to do their job. Candidates need to understand AI’s involvement in the recruitment space to prepare the recruiter and their resume.

To dive deeper into how SPECTRAFORCE uses artificial intelligence (AI) in their recruitment process and the future of AI, we spoke with two employees of Leoforce, a sister company of SPECTRAFORCE, to get more information. Balakrishna Peddineni is a product manager at Leoforce, and Ipsita Debnath is a product manager and a part of the business intelligence team. Below you’ll find the interview details with both Balakrishna and Ipsita.

Artificial intelligence does more than scan for keywords on a resume. Can you tell me more about AI’s involvement in the recruitment process?

Balakrishna: Our AI tool, Arya, reviews candidates’ data to find trends and patterns within their employment dates, education, industry, and skillsets. Arya looks for employment gaps, quick job changes, and even skillset alignment for the role.

Ipsita: In addition to what Balakrishna mentioned, our tool holistically reviews the data to find quality hires and save the employer’s money and the employer’s and candidate’s time.

At what point is artificial intelligence involved in the recruitment process?

Ipsita: Our AI tool is involved from the very beginning. The hiring manager or recruiter can add all of the skillsets and even upload a sample resume of what they are looking for so the tool can better assist them.

How does AI evaluate skillsets? And if the tool excludes someone for the role, will the recruiter still consider them?

Ipsita: Hiring managers and recruiters can set specific skillsets as nice-to-haves, mandatory, and negatives to allow a fresh perspective to choose the right candidate.

How do you see AI’s involvement in the future?

Ipsita: Our tool isn’t here to tell you what’s right and wrong, but to positively provide data. Arya makes a significant yet positive impact in the workplace by promoting diversity. Our tool highlights diverse candidates to be considered, unlike when AI is not involved and biases can come into play during the hiring process. However, algorithms have to constantly be evaluated and developed so that the AI tools don’t learn the biases from the users.

Balakrishna: While we can’t have an AI tool determine a candidate’s fit with the employer’s culture, we can have an AI look at culture questions that candidates ask during the interview process and evaluate them for patterns.

Overall, artificial intelligence is making headway to hiring quality employees and creating diversity in the workplace. In addition, by eliminating employee discrimination during the hiring process through AI tools, we will be one step closer to making a healthier, creative, and innovative space.

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