6 Ways To Positively Build Virtual Relationships With Your Team

By Connor Barry on August 19, 2021

Key Points:

  • Maintaining camaraderie in the workplace is essential even when working from home.
  • Video calls are essential to building stronger connections with your coworkers.

Working virtually can leave you feeling disconnected from your coworkers as it takes out primary time with other individuals that you initially would have. More than likely, you aren’t the only coworker that’s feeling distant. When you are not connected with your work team, your work can be disjointed and inefficient. To develop a connection with your team, you can take small steps to feel the camaraderie again. Below are six ways to virtually build relationships with your coworkers.

6 Virtual Relationship Building Tips 

1.   Try to have your potential serious calls via video call. Uncomfortable phone calls are a part of work, and they are always best when completed in person, but when that can’t happen, be sure to meet them through video calls instead of phone calls. Seeing your coworker on the other end helps foster a deeper connection and won’t allow any room for misinterpretation.

2.   When on video calls, be sure to use your nonverbal communication to make the other attendees feel heard and validated. Nonverbal communication is the majority of communication used in our everyday lives. An extra nod or smile over video call can make sure your coworkers feel included and connected.

3.   Get creative with your video background. Using creative backgrounds can spark conversations and help you find common ground with coworkers. For instance, find a background related to one of your favorite shows, and you may find that someone on your team also likes the show. Remember, you don’t want your video background to be distracting, just serve as an icebreaker.

4.   Set up virtual coffee dates. If you’re looking to get to know a new coworker or better understand a coworker you have recently been working with more, try setting up a time for a coffee. Using your lunchtime or even a fifteen-minute morning meeting to get to know each other can help strengthen your connection before working together.

5.   Celebrate birthdays or milestones. Whether your coworker just hit their quota or recently got engaged, there’s no better time to celebrate. Celebrating a milestone with your coworkers encourages a positive environment and allows for deeper connections through small talk. Make sure these celebrations are agreed upon a couple of weeks ahead of time so all coworkers can try to make time to attend after work hours.

6.   Organize a happy hour. Has your team been working on a stressful project lately? Schedule time with your team to have a drink of their choice to cheers over a virtual meeting. While it’s important to highlight the achievements of those working on the project, keep in mind to discuss things other than the project so everyone can decompress.

These six tips can make you feel more connected at the workplace and increase a positive outlook of your place of work. Bring these ideas to your manager or supervisor to implement before scheduling. For more details on how to best handle virtual working, check out our latest blog posts like this one on 6 Selfcare Tips For Zoom Meeting Fatigue.


Photo by Surface on Unsplash

Photo by Surface on Unsplash

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