6 Tips To Hire The Right Candidate Over Zoom

By Connor Barry on September 27, 2021

Key Points:

  • Key questions to ask yourself and candidate
  • Introduce to key stakeholders
  • Observe natural connection

Over the past year, we entered an unprecedented time where most of the U.S. population worked from home. The new routine included hiring and onboarding new employees and getting to know your new coworkers through the process. While some companies are returning to the office, many companies are still remotely working and continuing their hiring process remotely. There are many benefits to hiring through a platform such as Zoom, including saving time, remaining focused, and seeing candidates in their natural habitats.

6 Tips For Hiring The Right Candidate

Are you prepared for the Zoom interview? Of course, you want to make the most of the time you have scheduled. With that in mind, give yourself at least 10 minutes to gather yourself before the interview and create a test Zoom call to ensure everything is working correctly. Have all of your questions and topics to discuss written down somewhere to reference and take notes.

Is the candidate prepared? Similar to an in-person interview, the candidate should be ready for the interview. For example, are they dressed in a way that looks put together and serious about the job? Are they asking questions, or do they seem distracted? The candidate should seem invested in the position.

Have you asked the right questions? Of course, every candidate should ask questions, but it’s more important than ever for the interviewer to ask the right questions when interviewing over Zoom. Ask questions regarding their skillsets, past experiences, goals, and personalities can help determine they’re suitable for the role. While it’s important to ask all of the answers you need, be sure to make the candidate feel as comfortable as possible – more than likely, he/she/they are nervous.

Has the candidate met the team? Each potential candidate should meet the team members she/he/they will be directly working with. Near the end of the interview process, the candidate can meet the team to see the capability and fit. Then, connect with everyone who was a part of the interview process on the company’s side to gain everyone’s opinions on the candidate to make a final decision.

Do you feel connected with this person? To add to the previous question, you want to ensure that the person is someone you think you can work with. Equally important, it’s essential to see if the person is a great cultural fit that seems committed for an extended time at the company. It’s also recommended to have the potential candidates near the final round take a personality quiz. A personality quiz can help solidify any questions you and the team may have regarding the overall compatibility.

How many interviews do you have set up per person? While most interview processes can take at least two interviews for one person to become an employee, online methods should consider more interviews. For example, there should be an exploratory call with the supervisor, a Zoom video call with the supervisor, and another Zoom call with the team. You want to ensure the person is a great fit, so the more time you spend with the person, the better.

Overall, interviewing over Zoom may seem daunting since it’s a path most companies haven’t been using, but it can be just as effective as in-person interviews. If you’re looking for more advice on job interviews, check out one of our latest blog posts about How To Improve Your Body Language During An Interview.


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