5 Tips To Virtually Onboard New Employees During The Pandemic

By Connor Barry on November 5, 2021

Key Points:

  • Onboarding during a pandemic needs to be treated differently than in person.
  • Various meetings across departments for new hires can help get to know coworkers and align on the company’s process.
  • We’ve outlined five tips to make sure your new hires are set up for success.

The pandemic has significantly impacted the workforce, including hiring and the way employees work. However, the environment has changed with many companies hiring. Onboarding during a pandemic has proven unique challenges specifically for companies. To share with new employees the company’s community and create a sense of connection hasn’t been accessible, but it’s not impossible.

However, there are still ways to make a new hire feel immersed in the company. Below are five tips to ensure a new hire is set up for success.

Pre-plan their equipment, making sure they have all of it for their first day. 

Be sure to give all departments the proper amount of time to prep for the new employee. For instance, let the I.T. department know as soon as a candidate has accepted the offer. The more time provided to departments, the easier the process will be for shipping, etc. All new hires will need a laptop with a webcam for virtual meetings, licensed company software, user logins, and company access to any potential servers.

Virtual introductions from each department can be a great community-building exercise and an excellent way to talk about the process at the company. 

Those speaking on behalf of their department can help new hires have a holistic view of the company’s process and understand the importance of each role. Virtual introductions can be an excellent way for the new hire to meet at least one individual from each department and get to know them.

Weekly status check-ins are an excellent way for new hires to have any open questions answered. 

Weekly status should be virtually one-on-one between the new hire and manager. While an open-door policy isn’t possible in a virtual environment, you can implement a new process for new hires through communication applications such as Slack or Teams. Once you’re back in the office, all teams should regroup and assess how communication can move forward.

Build a community with virtual events. 

Hosting company virtual events will help employees engage in non-work conversations and connect new hires with coworkers. Come prepared to the virtual event with questions, icebreakers, and be the cheerleader for the possibility to get everyone conversing.

It’s essential to give the new hire time to digest information. 

There will be a lot of paperwork and even more names and roles to memorize. Providing space and a friendly approach for all questions will help the new hire feel welcome. Assigning a mentor or guide can be helpful for new employees so they feel like they can ask questions to their coworkers and don’t have to wait until check-ins to ask questions.

Setting up a new hire to the best of the company’s ability during a virtual or hybrid time shows how much the company cares. If you’re looking for more advice on making more connections virtually, check out our article 6 Ways to Positively Build Virtual Relationships With Your Team.


Header image by LinkedIn Sales Solutions on Unsplash

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