Importance Of Professional Certifications And 6 Places To Them

By Connor Barry on January 18, 2022

Key Points:

  • Certificates are a great way to advance your career or even be the next step in changing your career.
  • Trainings and certifications are a great way to show your in-depth expertise in your field to employers.
  • Certifications allow you to request higher earnings and create efficiencies in your work.
  • Universities are not the only places you can obtain a certification. Online sources like HubSpot and Coursera are great options.

While some industries require specific certifications, like informational technology, training and certifications are beneficial to all industries. In addition, having one or more certifications can build your credibility by extending your knowledge in the space, finding efficiencies, and as a result, increasing your earnings.

There are various reasons to obtain certifications, and we are listing a few reasons below.

If you’re looking for more opportunities to grow your knowledge in your field and gain certifications, we’ve listed some resources to find the right one for you.

Universities: Local universities and online universities offer boot camps and courses. Gaining a certification through a university can be more expensive but will stand out on your resume.

Google Analytics Academy: If you’re looking to understand better features that Google offers that you can use at work daily, check out the Google Analytics Academy. There are courses specific to analytics for beginners, advanced, tag manager fundamentals, and more!

Hubspot Academy: Hubspot offers various courses and certifications primarily in the marketing and sales industry. For example, there is the content marketing certification and inbound certification. HubSpot encourages certificates to be placed on LinkedIn with industry-recognized badges.

Coursera: Coursera offers certifications in many industries, including data science, business, and computer science. Each class can take up to three to nine months but gives you the information you need to further your career or even switch careers. The instructors teaching the class hosted in Coursera are from well-known universities or companies like the University of Minnesota and Facebook.

Codecademy: Codecademy has courses to learn various languages and subjects. So, if you’re in the web development space or app development, this is the right website for you! This website offers both free courses and pro memberships. If you are looking to advance in your career and apply job-ready, then the “pro” membership may be the right choice.

General Assembly: What began as a co-working space turned into a training space to advance their careers. There are campuses in twenty cities, and General Assembly teaches professional individuals and companies to bridge the gap and create more opportunities. General Assembly’s categories include coding, marketing, business, UX & design, data, and career development.

If you feel your career is stagnant, you want to advance your career, or you want to change careers, obtaining certificates can allow you to illustrate how you’re a unique candidate or employee. If you’re looking for more career advice, be sure to check out our latest article, 7 Best Tools and Apps For An Efficient Work Day.

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