We offer a powerful suite of services for implementing custom IoT solutions under our Bridgera brand. Our IoT enablement framework allows us to accelerate IoT implementation and integrate IoT devices with any existing enterprise application portfolio. Our proprietary IoT platform is designed to work with any hardware and communication protocols. We also have rapid prototyping capabilities that allow our clients to experiment with multiple protocols and payloads using our digital twin emulation software. Our Business Intelligence tools allow you to extract actionable insights from your IoT data using analytics, dashboards, and self-service reporting components. Our IoT projects include applications for everything from home health care and medication monitoring to emergency response and asset tracking.


For clients that have the IoT sensors in place, our Setup phase allows us to configure and customize our IoT platform for data ingestion, processing, and storage. This usually takes us from 2 to 8 weeks to complete.

Where hardware is not in place, we execute a pilot project to establish feasibility using our digital twin. This allows us to cost effectively develop hardware specs for the client.

As part of our production rollout, we support device onboarding, inventory management, and customer data migration as needed. Integration with existing enterprise or third-party applications can be executed as fixed-fee projects as needed.


Our IoT platform is designed to be highly secure, highly scalable, and always available. It is built using big data technologies: