As part of our Maintenance and Production Support services, we create dedicated, detail-oriented teams that can do everything from performing bug fixes and minor enhancements to supporting large implementations of enterprise infrastructure software. Our QA teams can do both manual and automated tests to ensure periodic releases are defect free, while our DevOps team is available to automate build and release processes.

With our remote monitoring tools, we’re also able to offer 24/7 application and infrastructure monitoring services.


Our hybrid agile methodology allows incremental builds, ensuring we remain aligned with your business priorities.  Our performance is monitored using service level agreements (SLAs) and periodic scorecards that track various productivity-related metrics.

To ensure scalability, security, and reliability, our methodology focuses on both knowledge management and the continuous optimization of the application codebase.

Whenever we provide Application Development services, we’ll retain part of our development team for Maintenance services since they’ll have in-depth knowledge of the applications we built.


We have successfully managed several application portfolios that comprise of a mix of technologies, such as: