Project Lifecycle

This refers to the sequence of phases that a project goes through from its initiation to its closure. The names and numbers of these stages can vary based on the organization, but a common sequence is initiation, planning, execution, and closure.

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Glossary: Project Lifecycle in IT


Project lifecycle management in IT is a structured approach to conceptualizing, planning, executing, and closing IT projects. This glossary provides definitions for key terms and concepts to enhance your understanding of the process.

Glossary Terms

Project Lifecycle

The project lifecycle is the complete sequence of steps or phases that a project goes through from its initiation to its closure. The phases typically include initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and closing.


The initiation phase is the beginning of the project where goals are defined, a project team is formed, and feasibility is assessed. Key deliverables in this phase include the project charter and a preliminary project plan. Resource: Project Initiation Overview


The planning phase involves creating a detailed project plan, outlining tasks, deadlines, and assigning responsibilities. Key deliverables include the project management plan and risk management plan. Resource: Project Planning Overview


The execution phase is where the work gets done. The project plan is put into action and deliverables are developed and completed. Resource: Project Execution Overview


In the monitoring phase, the project team tracks the progress of the project, ensuring it stays on schedule and within budget. Any necessary adjustments to the project plan are made during this phase. Resource: Project Monitoring & Control Process


Closure is the final phase of the project lifecycle. It involves finalizing and reviewing all project deliverables, releasing project resources, and evaluating the project’s performance. Resource: Project Closure Phase


Understanding the project lifecycle in IT is crucial for any project manager or team member. This structured approach ensures projects are efficiently managed from start to finish, greatly increasing the likelihood of success.

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